We hear you.

Many people just like you struggle to find the right hearing aids. Most overpay for devices that don’t really address their specific hearing needs. That’s why we created a unique solution that makes it easier to find the right hearing aids at the lowest prices and provide free access to hearing healthcare professionals who can optimize your device for best results.


Want to know a secret?

Your environment has more to do with what type of hearing aid you need than anything else.

So, finding the right hearing aid depends on identifying which environments pose the greatest challenges to your hearing. Once you’ve identified those problematic environments, selecting the proper hearing aid is very simple.

Most major hearing aids today, regardless of price, can be programmed to meet more than 90% of hearing losses.

Bottom line: It’s all about isolating the environments that your hearing aids need to boost, not about spending more money on the most expensive technology.

Hear more, for less.

We’ve created a solution unlike anything else in the industry.

Free Online Hearing Assessment

Determine your specific hearing challenges and identify the right type of hearing aid solution you need.

Nationwide Network of Qualified Local Providers

They can help fine tune your hearing aids for free and customize them to suit your unique hearing needs.

Deep Discounts on Every Major Brand

So you enjoy thousands of dollars in savings and will never overpay for your hearing aids.

100% Risk-Free Trial

If you’re not totally satisfied, return them within 45 days and receive a full refund. No questions asked.

Multiple Payment Options

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Easy financing is also available on approved credit.

3-Year Warranty

If your device ever fails or has any problems, we’ll fix your hearing aid—no extra charge.

We make it easy and affordable.

Step 1

Take our free online hearing assessment.

Step 2

Identify the best hearing aids that address your specific environmental needs.

Step 3

Purchase online at a deep discount.

Step 4

Pick up your hearing aid in person and get a free professional adjustment to ensure optimal performance.

Step 5

Start enjoying life again.

Listen to what our customers
are saying about us.

  • “The staff at HOD are not only extraordinarily knowledgeable about fitting hearing aids, they’re downright delightful to work with.”
    B. Anderson
  • “Hearing On Demand showed me new technological advances in fitting hearing aids based on my listening lifestyle and then offered me a 45-day risk free trial. This new technology is great! I can now hear my wife and daughter’s high-pitched voices in situations where I never could before. I can also hear the conversation at my table in noisy restaurants. Thanks for finding me a solution to my hearing needs based on my environment.”
    R. Coburn
  • I am very satisfied with your professional services and unique way of recommending products based on lifestyle. My hearing capability has improved my satisfaction and quality of life. Your after-purchase services are dependable and caring. I will always refer friends that have hearing loss to you, knowing they will be happy with the great service provided by Hearing On Demand network of offices.
    B. McLachlin
  • I was truly amazed how clearly I could hear plus how comfortable they are to wear. I have recommended them to all of my friends.
    A. Curry
  • “I am greatly impressed by the responsiveness and professionalism of the staff at Hearing On Demand. I expected to be ‘cut loose’ after I bought my hearing aids, but the service and the prompt attention continue non-stop. I couldn’t be more pleased.”
    T. Fuzard

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